Floyd Mayweather Goes to Jail…

Pretty Boy Floyd Don’t Drop The Soap

Back in December champion boxer Floyd Mayweather got into a heated dispute with his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his three kids that ended up in a domestic abuse situation. Mayweather threatened to hit his ex-girlfriend in their mansion while his two kids ages 8 & 10 were watching. One of his children went to get their security guard and the altercation only escalated from there.
Mayweather initially pleaded guilty to get the ordeal over with but since then he has claimed to be innocent.
It’s a good thing that Mayweather pleaded guilty in the beginning anyways because if he were to go to court and lose the case he could have faced up to 34 years in state prison.
Mayweather will spend 87 days behind the bars at the Clark County Detention Center in downtown Las Vegas.

TMZ has obtained the mug shot for Floyd Mayweather Jr. — snapped moments after the boxing champ turned himself in to a Vegas jail this morning.

Floyd is currently serving out a 90-day jail sentence for beating up his baby mama in front of their children in 2010.  While in jail, Floyd will be kept in protective custody, which means he will be kept from the general inmate population. Floyd’s cell is 7′ x 14′ and contains a bed, toilet, sink and small desk. He also gets a WINDOW. Thanks TMZ!

See you In August Pretty Boy!


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