Are You Ready For Single Ladies?

It’s been almost a year since VH1 premiered it’s first hour long original scripted series, ‘Single Ladies’ and now the network is gearing up for the highly-anticipated second season which features some cast changes. After actress Stacey Dash abruptly left the series last season, actress Denise Vasi swooped in to take her place, however, instead of taking on the role Val, she’s playing Racquel, a long time friend of Keisha’s (LisaRaye). Raquel has just broken off her engagement and she’s ready to link back up with her first love in Hotlanta.
Meanwhile, Keisha is still stirring up some trouble of her own after she and Malcolm (D.B. Woodside) begin having relationship problems and an old flame comes back into town looking to spice things up. April (Charity Shea) seems to be enjoying the single life for the first time but doesn’t like it when it all gets old jumping from man to man. There will also be appearances by a ton of celebs including executive producer Queen Latifah, T.I. Paula Patton, Romeo Miller, Rozanda ‘Chilli’ Thomas, Big Boi, and comedian Tony Rock. They’ve also brought in a full season worth of eye candy….
Now, I will admit, it is a little disappointing and kind of corny the way they address the disappearance of Val in the first episode but other than that, the season should be pretty good.
Check out the super trailer below:

Single Ladies- Super Trailer

-HoneyMag.Net Exclusive-

Judging by what the cast told “Big Morning Buzz,” viewers won’t be disappointed when the dramedy returns on Memorial Day!

At the end of season 1, LisaRaye’s character, Keisha, was left holding the bag by her jewelry designing boo, Malcolm Franks. It was hard for Keisha to let down her guard, so what happens when Malcolm comes strolling back into her life? He’s got a good excuse (don’t they always?), but Keisha may not be willing to buy it.

Of course, Keisha could also be running into that old flame we heard so much about (but never saw) in season 1.

Last time we saw April (played by Charity Shea), she was going through a tough divorce and grooming a solo artist. Now that she’s truly a single lady, she’s ready to date around and have some fun; but what happened to her career goals?!

And viewers will finally be introduced to the oh-so-mysterious Raquel when season 2 of “Single Ladies” premieres May 28 at 9 p.m. EST on VH1!


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