Lil Kim Gets Down & Personal…

Lil Kim had a lot to get off her chest this morning…
After months of slander from Breakfast Club Morning Show host Charlamagne, Kim stopped by New York’s Power 105 FM earlier today to take on Charlamagne head to head. During the interview, Charlamagne called Kim out for being disgruntled and bitter after the whole Nicki Minaj beef and Kim explained her side of the story and where the beef originally generated. She revealed that she was once a part of Cash Money and that she let Slim listen to a few of her records and she later heard Nicki doing similar stuff and believes that she stole her sound. She also says that she believes Nicki wants to be very obnoxious and the only female on top. Later in the interview, she talked about her relationship with producer Scott Storch and his marriage proposal, Faith catching her in bed with Biggie and took a slight offense to questioning about her plastic surgery.
Check the excerpts plus videos below:

On how her beef with Nicki Minaj started
Me and Slim were friends for four years and we decided that we were going to go into business together and I was over there at Cash Money. I was getting ready to be partners with them. While I was over there, we were working a lot. Baby said to me ‘Hey I want you to be on my album or whatever’ and he sent the song over, it was empty, and it just had a hook on it, and so I sent it back to him, quick. […] [So] they put the record out and I guess they didn’t like the response and so when they saw the response they just pulled the record off, pulled it back, never put it on his album, nothing. Then it’s like I’m not even hearing from them and it’s like wow, you know what I mean? If you listen to that song, the way I did my vocals, [Nicki’s] were different from how I did my vocals at that time.
Shortly after that she started releasing all these records doing her vocals they way I did my vocals. Now okay, whatever, you know what I mean. You have to look back, my fans may not like when I do certain types of music but that was the sound that I was getting ready to start and I was starting the sound. A long time ago, I played a record for Slim called ‘Automatic’ it’s a St. Tropez, dance type of record, it was 3 years ago that I played him that record. On her new album she has a song called Automatic and the song is so similar to the song that I played for Slim, the whole sound that I brought to the table. When Slim was like ‘What are you working on? Let me hear where you’re going with It,’ she was still doing whatever she was doing when she first came out, when she was rapping, I brought a whole new sound. Next thing you know, 2 to 3 years later now that she is moving in the game and whatever, this is the whole new sound, whether my fans would have liked that sound or not, it was my sound I brought that to the table.
On if she had an issue with Nicki beforehand
The problem with her is she was very catty with it. I never had a problem with her, I was always nice with her, always she was a very obnoxious person but I was always nice with her. From the moment that I met her, I was always cool with her but after that it always seemed like once they realized that we need Kim, we wanna study her swag, that’s what it kind of felt like because I was around for a long time. I think that they wanted to get that record just to stamp that I was okay with what was going on. For me it was a break back into rotation, if that would have been a big video and a big event record it would have been good for both of us but I personally think that they didn’t want me to stand beside her, which is stupid.
On Why Male Rappers can talk cocky on records but it doesn’t lead to beefing like females
They’re not like her. She wanted to be the only female out there so when Baby and Slim said when not f*cking with this chick because you can’t stand next to her she loved it because she didn’t want to stand next to me. She wanted to be out there by herself.
When I was out we had me, we have Eve, Foxy and you want to know why? Because we all understood the essence of music and how it was suppose to go. They knew what it was. I’m not saying that she is a horrible artist but I definitely feel like she is over rated.
On being dissed by Azealia Banks
Man, I never met this chick a day in my life. I’ve never talked to this chic. She don’t know what I sound like, I don’t know what she sounds like on the phone, but let me tell you, I think it’s in chick’s contract’s when they come out you gotta go at Lil Kim. That is in the contract.
On her relationship with producer Scott Storch
You know what, I love Scott. I would have married him. He’s a good person. Scott spoiled me and he treated me like a queen but the thing is that he thought that he had to do all these big lavish things. We were living in Coconut Grove; I was living with him for a while. He was like, “Kim’s my girl, and we have to move to Miami Beach. We need to move to Star Island.” The house on Miami Beach was huge but the one in Coconut Grove was so homely. We were happy there but as soon as we went to Miami Beach we started arguing, fighting and everything was horrible..
I don’t know what the future holds but I think we’ve both moved in such different directions. Scott wanted to marry me; he gave me a huge pink diamond ring and I’ll never do this again because it killed me to give it back. I’m going to be honest with you; I never took the ring, put it on and wore it. [The jeweler] put it on the table and goes, “pick which one you want”. I kind of knew it was a proposal because when I picked it, he took it off the table and here comes Scott with the ring. I was like, “Yes, but not now!” He was so upset.
On Faith walking in Lil Kim and biggie in the bed
Yes, that’s true.
On Faith dragging her out of the bed
That’s not true. There was only two people there and that was Lil’ Cease and ROC. Those were the only two people there and Cease was sleep but that’s not how it went down. Trust me and believe me.

On Biggie’s Mom Ms. Wallace
Big’s mom doesn’t know Biggie and she barely knows Christopher. She use to kick him out daily. She did not care to know him or get to know him during that time. Don’t get me wrong, he loved his mother and I’m pretty sure as a mom she loved her son, but she didn’t know him.

You’ve always been a beautiful chick; why did you decide to get so much plastic surgery?
Why would you ask me that?
Because we want to know.
There are so many people who have surgery so I don’t know where that question is coming from but I thank you for the compliment.
Charlamagne also told Kim that she looks like Jeremy Lin in her photos but not in person. So cruel.
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