My 1st Interview as Creator Of Maven!

Today I was honored to do an interview for Chatham’s “Her Campus” conducted by there head correspondent Ms. Mara Flanagan. Her Campus Chatham, a branch of, is an online magazine for Chatham women. A place for Cougars to get personalized info about what’s happening on campus, Her Campus Chatham publishes features on Campus News, Events, Celebrities, Polls, and even Campus Cuties! The content of Her Campus Chatham is written by Chatham students and is a supplement to the national content of that is created for college women everywhere.

Campus Celebrity Interview
Name (as you’d like it to appear in the article): Kasey M. Jones or Raquel Mac
Year: Sophomore
Where are you from? What’s your favorite thing about your hometown?
-Philadelphia, Pa and I love the convenience of everything being so local and love being able to see the skyline of all the buildings from down town light up the night sky.
Why did you choose Chatham?
-I choose Chatham for there strong English Department and for the small classes that would give a better atmosphere for learning, just like I was use too in high school.
What’s your major and how/why did you choose it?
-I am an English Major with a minor in African American Studies. I chose this because beside public speaking, I am really good at writing and African American Studies as a minor because after having Dr. Wardi as a teacher, she blessed me with the knowledge to learn more about my culture. But then I’m not sure if I want to double minor in Business and African American Studies or just take up Business. I am still thinking about this.
What’s your favorite thing about being a Chatham woman?
-As a Chatham woman I have access to so many opportunities and resources that allow me to share my talents with everyone.
What extracurricular activities are you involved in on campus?
Why is fashion important to you?
Fashion allows me to express myself and allows me to stand out and to be myself without trying to fit in.
What inspired you to start a fashion blog? How did it come to be?
Well I follow fashion blogs like and and I loved reblogging clothes and shoes and jewelry on tumblr. So I started trying some of the trends like color blocking and lots of people loved it! For Spring Formal here at school, I tried the coloring blocking idea while everyone else decided to wear prom dresses. Yet again trying to stand out I took a chance and went with it and it was a huge success.  So it came to be because, I wanted to take a chance to see what will happen if I did the some of the same ideas as and my friends and family have really embraced this idea and it has turned into a business now.
What can readers find on your blog?
On my blog you can find Look for Less outfits (ie. Kardashian), Thoughts of the Day, Holiday Specials (ie. Mother’s Day), Coupon Codes (ie. Macys, Staples), Words of Advice, Trendy things to add to your closet, News (ie. Mayweather vs. Cotto Fight), shoes in demand (ie. Wedges), New Music and Contests (ie. Prom King/ Queen for 2012) and we are constantly adding more like a Men’s Corner, I cannot forget about the men.
How do you hope to develop your blog into the future?
-My blog is called “Maven of Fashion” and I hope to grow it into a brand, this is just the beginning I will not just be another blogger; I want this to be the beginning of a huge business investment for others and myself. I am even going as far as to copyright the name of the blog and everything business wise.
What trends will you wear this summer?
-This summer it is all about spike flats, long maxi skirts, sloppy buns and clutches. This summer I want to try it all, army fatigue pants, big purses, clutches, sloppy buns, long bone straight hair, bright colors, long skirts and mini skirts and lots and lots of jewelry! I love gold jewelry and bright colors and large purses! So this summer I want to be able to say, “been there done that, what is next”.

Do you have a top summer fashion tip (or tips) you’d like to share with HC readers?
-For the readers, just be you and try something new always add something to your closet no matter the price long as it fits your body type.  For the summer it’s all about turning heads, and stepping outside the box with bright colors and fun times. The price DOES NOT MATTER!
Where do you find your fashion inspiration?
My fashion inspiration would come from my family, but my grandmother and Aunt Erinestine hate to shop but they can find anything and put it together and accessorize it with the best jewelry and look amazing. Then my uncle William and  my grandfather are the best dressed men in my entire family, they have suits, shoes, shirts, hats and pants in every color one can imagine. Then they accessorize with the fancy print ties and cuff links, they make will put any one to shame, for not looking as good as they do. But I have to give it to my Aunt Erine; I’m always raiding her huge closet you can find everything in there.  Since we are the same size and she has the best stuff that she buys and is also passed down from grandmothers and great- grandmothers that makes for a vintage look. So there really is no need for me to go shopping at ALL.
Who are your fashion icons?
-I am obsessed with the Kardashian sisters, Christian Louboutin, Adrienne Bosh, Jennifer Williams and my Aunt Erine
What was your childhood dream job?
To become a model
What is your current dream job?
To become Speaker of the House of the United States Congress
Anything else you’d like to add:
The best places for me to shop and or relieve stress is not the mall, it is going through racks and racks of clothes at the local Goodwill, Avalon, even Consignment shops and E-bay. I love these stores more than ever and very rarely do I buy clothes offline but if I have too I will go to Forever21 or

Special Thanks to Mara and “Her Campus” for a great interview and for the recognition 
We Love You Here At Maven!


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