Bye Bye School & Hello Summer

Bye Bye Chatham & Hello Philadelphia!

Here is my job for the next few days, to start and finish packing and to get majority of this in storage. 
Despite this hard transition we call college, I’m growing and only God gets the credit. Even with my broken, crumbled, crayons, God is creating a masterpiece. Freshman year has been a great experience and I have learned about myself and my entire midset has change for the better. I am so grateful for the friends I have made, some left behind and those in the near future. I am forever blessed to have such a great support system here at school. I remember the first day I was shocked when the professors said they wanted to learn all of our names.  I was shocked even more when I realized how much  help there was with tutors, writing coaches and so much more. However freshman year was not all peaches, roses and lollipops!
 I remember the nights when I wanted to come home because things were not going my way, or group members were being difficult, teachers are asking for too much, relationships were being sacrificed and roommates never were willing to understand.  But then after talking to my grandmother and finally listening I was ready to conquer freshman year! I was only responsible for doing my very best and that was what I had to do! No one would ever tell me that I would have some of the greatest laughs, hardest cries and the worst food here in college!
 But above all else no one would be able to tell me that this summer is all about  ME growth, working and progress, nothing more and nothing less! I have added more and more goals to my list of things for now, and even for Senior Year. Even though college is flying by, I hope you all will be able to take a page out of my book and learn that PRESERVING is EVERYTHING! You have to give up those lazy habits, break out of your shell and do some of everything and TRY! 
For me freshman year was all about trying NEW THINGS! to be Young & Dumb 🙂 To say “okay I tried that and I did that but I have learned from that!”

Bye Bye for now Chatham and Hello Philadelphia You Have Been Missed ❤

Have A Great & Safe Summer Everyone!


Raquel Mac ❤


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