Dawn Richards Get’s Personal …

Host and radio personality Sway Calloway brought former Danity Kane and Diddy Dirty Money member Dawn Richard to his hit show “Sway In The Morning” to speak on her career, success, and what ever happened between her and her ex-boyfriend Q (former member of Day26). Check out some excerpts from the interview below.
On whether she ever thought Q of Day 26 (Former boyfriend) was jealous of her success
No, I don’t think that I was elevating and he wasn’t. I just think it was just two different circumstances as well at two different ages. I think he was young and still trying to figure it out. It was just hard. I don’t think people will ever understand what he was going through because he was trying to be a man and at the same time he was trying to figure out what being a man was. So that’s hard to do. I think we were just on two different pages. I knew what this game was already. I was in a different place in my life, so I kind of knew how to take the blows better than he did. I just think I was playing a better game at chess than he was at the time.

On whether he was for real when he proposed to her on twitter
No, I think Twitter is the devil. Twitter is the devil! It’s like a hard thing because I think he was just excited about being in a relationship and I think we were both excited about it. He didn’t understand that we were being a normal couple and he didn’t understand that everything we were doing was being magnified to another place because we were already on TV. I think he was just like, ‘I love this girl and I want to marry her’ and I think people literally took that to a whole ‘other thing and it became something way more than it already was.

On whether she ever took his emotional break downs on ‘Making The Band’ as a weakness
No because I was there. I saw why! It wasn’t him being weak, it was him going through life.

On whether she is a ride or die chick [for Q]
No, I’m not a ride or die! I’m not even with him, I’m just being honest. I [don’t] have to lie. I mean he is a young twenty year old dude that [didn’t] really have that direction. No male figure at the time. He wasn’t with his father or his stepfather, he was on the road. You are losing money, you don’t really know what’ss going on, trusting everyone and everybody is backstabbing you. Some men act differently when they have a foundation and some n*ggas cry and that’s what he was doing.

On whether she dried his tears off
I dried mine, I was too busy.

On why the two broke up
He cheated. We talked about it and I know he is going to be mad like, ‘Yo why [did you do that?]’ but its real like it happens. We talked about it, it came at me and I made a choice. [He cheated] more than once. Different people.[…] God is good for me, man. I was praying and we were fighting and I was saying it kind of…. He really tries to be a good person and I think he got lost in it, that’s all. Honestly, I think I am enough and if I’m not then I’m not the chick you need to be rocking with and I made a choice. He ain’t a bad person.

On whether she ever cheated on him
No, that’s not my style. I’m a Leo we faithful and loyal.

On who she’s currently dating
I’m dating a producer, a guy that works under Polow. He is a rapper/ producer but we are just dating and seeing where it goes. I need for somebody to understand that my career is so first right now. I have to be the label right now so whatever I was doing before I’m doubling that. My hustle and my grind is….I don’t sleep, and so for me the best that I think I can do right now is start to feel comfortable with trusting again. So, that’s a great thing right now and I don’t really have time to be more than that.

On what made her date someone from industry again

He just has a way of [being persistent]. He is a very persistent guy so… [laughs].

On where he is from

On whether she wants to reveal the name
Nah, I’m good. I’mma try to private things.


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