Welcome Baby Bosh!

Happy Birthday to Jackson Bosh #TeamBosh

 NBA baller Chris Bosh and his wife Adrienne welcomed a baby boy today! Shortly after Bosh’s game last night his wife went into labor. “Thank god for private planes,” Adrienne tweeted. 
Bosh hopped on a private plane right after he found out that his wife was in labor and headed back to Miami. Although the name has not been released both mom and baby boy are healthy and resting. 
 Adrienne tweeted,
From a Dream, To a Thought, To Reality, To being in our Arms 🙂 Thank you all for the Positive wishes & thoughts

Baby Bosh is here! Adrienne instagrammed the side picture of Chris in delivery room holding the baby saying, “I could sit around and watch them together all day :)”  Awww

How pretty is Mrs. Adrienne Bosh just one day after giving birth! The new mom shared this cute photo of her newborn via Instragram and we’re in precious overload! 
Keep reading to find out the baby’s name and what his Dad has to say about his birth
The newest member of the Bosh family is named Jackson and his parents couldn’t be happier. Miami Heat player, Chris Bosh, says he’d been wearing a “baby beeper” for weeks because Adrienne was close to her due date and he was traveling with the team. 
He had just landed in New York with the rest of the team when his beeper went off on Wednesday night, forcing him to book a private jet back to Miami. He made it to the hospital at about 2 a.m. and Jackson was born an hour later.
“The day is kind of a blur,” he said afterward. “Not too long ago I was sitting in Miami with my wife and kid. I got up to say goodbye and my wife said, ‘We’ll see you on TV soon.’ ”
“The baby is healthy, my wife is healthy and there were no complications, so I asked my wife what she wanted me to do,” Bosh said. “She said, ‘Go do your job.’ I thanked her for understanding and came back to New York.”
After flying back to New York and fighting through traffic, Bosh made it just in time to play with his team and help them to an 87-70 victory over The New York Knicks. 


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