Fashionista of the Week- Nicole W.

✒Chatham University’s Nicole W✒

 What are your 4 favorite hot spots to hit and find haute pieces?

What trends do you love that mostly describe and inspire your style?

I would say my style is a mix-up of preppy, beachy, classic, and athletic. I like to wear stylish outfits, but some days I gotta dress for the gym. If I could afford it, I would always work out in Lululemon. For dressing up, I love anything that reminds me of summer like top-siders, bright colors, stripes, fancy sandals, and flowy tops or dresses. I am a huge fan of all the bright denim right now.I also really like the current trend of stacking a bunch of bracelets. I always wear my watch with a few other bracelets. I think that looks super chic. I don’t like to overdue my outfits. I usually stick to a few colors and one statement of piece of jewelry. Too much going on detracts from natural beauty. 

  What are 3 things in your closet that you can NOT live without? 
My black blazer: It instantly makes any outfit classy or takes a day outfit to evening wear.
My plaid top-siders: I have never seen anyone else with these shoes, so they make me feel original. And the pattern reminds me of sailing. They make any outfit beach prep. 
My white floral ruffle top: I have had this shirt for several years, yet every time I wear it someone compliments me. I think I bought it on clearance at Macy’s. It is very different, and even thought it is a summer top, I pair it with a cardigan in the winter.

Who do you look up to in the fashion industry? And who are your top 3 most fashionable celebs?
I don’t really have a current celebrity whose style I follow right now. I do love the style of Jacqueline Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn though. They wore simple and classic pieces perfectly. Currently, I guess I would say I like the styles Lauren Conrad, Reese Witherspoon, and Pippa Middleton currently. They keep things refined and natural. Some celebrities just take things over the top and end up looking ridiculous instead of chic. 

What tips can you give our Maven readers on how to achieve stylish looks?
I would say focus on having a few pieces that you love in your wardrobe. That may mean splurging a nice pair of jeans. Make sure you love them in the dressing room. Then every time you wear them, you can feel just as fabulous. Also, don’t worry about sticking to one style category like bohemian or preppy. Mix it up and find your own. If you like what you wear, you will feel confident and beautiful, and others will notice. Lastly, Don’t overdo it on the make-up. So often girls layer on the foundation to cover one minor blemish. Just own your natural skin. No one has perfect complexion. And avoid the brightly colored eye shadow like bright blues, pinks, and reds. You end up looking like a clown. Stick to neutral tones like copper, gray, or deep greens

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