A Note to the Women Of Color

Don’t ever let anyone tell you we’re not beautiful without a shadow of a doubt.
We are one of God’s most magnificent creations.
With a set of lips as full as the moon on a clear, star-filled night.
Full nose, lining a smile that can brighten the world and change it.
SO many skin tones of brown from high yellow to deep purple- black.
So beautiful and proud of our crown- kinky, curly, black and all browns.
Brother and sisters in the naturals.
Wearing those cornrows.
Braids and locks with dignity.
Magnificent wonders from the chiseled.
Masculine features of the modern-day pharaohs to the multi-dimensional curves of today’s heir apparent of every queen in African History.
We are overwhelmed with pride as we look in the mirror, and when we see other people of color, we smile…
because we see ourselves
-Derrick Barnes


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