Kirko Bangz – Drank In My Cup

Who Is This Kirko Bangz?
Is it just me or am I the only one who randomly scratches there head and wonders who is rapping on this song?
 As I rock to the beat, I wonder who is this kid?
And where did Kirko Bangz come from?

-A Native from Houston, Texas and a member of Prairie View A&M University majoring in mass communications is the normal Bangz.

-Kirko Bangz released his first song last February 2011.
 -His songs have constantly grown higher and higher on the charts and can be heard on every college campus !

Check out his website
Follow His Twitter @KirkoBangz
Follow His Tumblr

-Drank In My Cup By Kirko Bangz-

“Grip the grain, roll up
And your girlfriend want a nigga like me
Cause I ain’t tryin’ to control her
She call me when she wants a change
Black diamond, my pinky ring
And she know you weak and we ain’t the same
You hit the scene, I make the scene
I’m in her head like Maybelline
H-Town so I’m made for lean
I’m in her soul, I make her scream
I don’t ride the toll, don’t pay the change
I’m EZ tag like Peter Pan
She want a man, don’t need a man
I’m flying down your boulevard
She cookin’ dinner with your pans”

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