✄ Kim & Kanye Death Of Fame ✄

Okay really? When is this going to be over? 
In case you have not heard or seen all over the internet, the media is about Kim & Kanye! 
1.) This is all for publicity because Keeping Up with the Kardashians are coming back May 22, So of course Kim has to keep the media talking all to tune into her family’s show.
2.) I Love KNAYE WEST! He is one of my celebrity crushes
3.) I mean Kim’s marriage lasted 72 days so why is she trying to jump into something else if her divorce is not even over?
4.) Kim has traits of the late Elizabeth Taylor
5.) I am Obsessed with Kim Kardashian, she is the reason why I have blazers in every color 🙂
6.) How cute is Khloe & Lamar they make me think marriage is really possible ☺♥♥♥

P.S. Remember When Amber Rose said Kim & Yezzy both cheated while Kim was with Reggie? hmmmm…

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