Men’s Corner..Do You Have What It Takes?

Excuse me Gentleman, are you currently trying to create a new look for the summer/spring or are you trying to get rid of the old and income with the new? Well here are a few pieces that you can add to your closet to stay in style even on a small budget.

1.) A blazer ✔ you can never go wrong with a blazer, you can dress it up or down pair it with a nice pair of kaki pants and boat shoes or even with jeans and jordans ☟☟☟
2.) Don’t be shy to experiment with new colors of blazers, step outside the box just plain black and blues for my friends I am always testing out new colors like pink, purple and even yellow 🙂 Experiment 

✔Dark Green/ Army Fatigue; Army fatigue shorts, pants and vest are all coming back into style and can be very versatile, even paired with kicks like these below ☟☟

✔✔Michael Jordan Sneakers

The constant trend for men are more consistant and practical for then rather than women, whom wardrobe is constantly changing and expanding.

Check out Ocho and his Army Fatigue & Crazy Shoe Game
Last but not least, Mr. Karl L the fashion guru himself is rocking his own shamballa bracelets 😉 get your today!


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